About Teresa

Teresa Williams is a psychotherapist and a poet. She brings together her training as a clinical social worker, knowledge of yoga and meditation, studies in Buddhist psychology, and her love for the healing power of language to offer an enlivening approach to psychotherapeutic work.

Although Teresa works with men and women, she specializes in the area of women’s emotional health. Her ten years of work as a perinatal social worker at the University of Washington Medical Center provided her with the opportunity to be a part of women’s lives as they transitioned into motherhood, through pregnancy loss and early mother-baby relationships. She is also dedicated to helping women recognize their unique experiences as women, the challenges and the joys, and to find deep appreciation for who they are, as they develop through the cycles of life.

As a certified yoga instructor and a long-time Buddhist meditation practitioner, Teresa considers contemplative practices to be powerful therapeutic tools for enhancing our awareness of the present moment and studying how we create our perceptions of the world. She incorporates her understanding of mind/body health with her clients based on individual interest and need.

Teresa holds a master’s degree in social work and a bachelor’s in political science from the University of Washington. Here she learned the complex factors contributing to human functioning and deepened her commitment to understanding not only the inner dynamics of psychological health, but also how different systems within the environment impact this potential. After many years working in community mental health, education and hospital-based social work, Teresa discovered her calling to work as a psychotherapist.

Interwoven throughout Teresa’s life and her work is a lifelong passion for discovering meaning. She inspires others with what she has learned and helps them to make a deeper connection with their life path. She brings to her work all of her explorations, including cultural and global perspectives, literature, philosophy, travel, poetry, and writing. She is a proponent of spending time in nature and enjoys backcountry skiing, biking, running, and lounging by lakes, beneath trees or on park benches, whenever weather permits.